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*TRIGGER WARNING* If you are a friend, colleague or family member, or sexual assault or rape survivor, please consider whether you're ready to watch this.

On September 22nd 2007 at Johnson and Wales North Miami, I was sexually assaulted in my friend's dorm, then my own room, by my friends at the time Kenneth Fox and Alan Harst. During this, I was experiencing a Fragmentary Blackout, meaning my BAC levels were around .20%-.30%. The night apparently ended when I threw up on Alan, which also might have saved my life, and spared me from further sexual assault and/or rape.

I'm finally sharing my story on the 13th memorial of my assault, not only because it's part of my healing process but because I no longer feel a need to protect my assaulter's names or hide my FULL story anymore.

I believe that telling my story has the potential to help someone else, especially if the following conditions applied to survivors watching:

Friends or family assailants

alcohol or drug involved in sexual assault or rape

victim blaming /shame

survivor is also BIPOC

those who have been re-victimized those who felt failed by the education and legal system

The video that set the record straight about consent: Consent Tea

Title IX: Info on mandatory vs confidentiality reporting for survivors in the education system

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