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Announcing: Makinie Therapy LLC

This may come as a surprise to people, but my business was never officially called Makinie Therapy, since I was a sole proprietor.

When I started my practice in 2017, I wanted to come up with a catchy hashtag where people would understand automatically what services I provide.

Well, as of yesterday my business is officially Makinie Therapy LLC!!!!

I provide the following: *Mental Health Therapy - WA only *Public Speaking *Spiritual Coaching - International *Clinical Supervision *Consultation

I think today is just as good as any day to explain the meaning behind the name Makinie.

Makini is a Swahili adjective that is used in many contexts but translates to:

Calm Correct Pay attention Attentive Perfect

And of course, since it's an adjective, I felt as though all of these descriptions could apply to how I provide therapy. So you see, Makinie Therapy LLC is not just about my name but about the quality and kind of therapy I strive to provide !

Fun fact: My dad added the "e" for uniqueness. I am the only Makini-with-an-e in the United States. .


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