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Clinical Supervision

Makinie's Supervision Approach

I am a Washington State Approved Supervisor. My approach supervision from a collaborative framework, typically serving as an educator, evaluator, and/or counselor. The general areas that receive attention include professional development, skills acquisition, client/case conceptualization, and increasing self-awareness.


I consider the relationship between the supervisor and the supervisee to be the most important aspect of supervision. Paramount to the successful outcome, a collaborative union built on respect and trust lays the groundwork for supervisory work. Facilitating this alliance is imperative, as is recognizing differentials within the supervisory relationship. I also believe that learning is a two-way street, so I know that while we work together, I will also gain wisdom through your knowledge, skills and abilities. Through collaboration, my hope is that you feel comfortable making mistakes and processing them with me, as well as us taking time to celebrate achievements and milestones together.

One of the primary areas of focus will be helping you to be more culturally competent in your work, and to know how and when to use culturally relevant interventions with clients who identify as Black, Indigenous and People of color. The other thing I can offer is walking you through the process of opening a private practice. 

At this time, I am offering Clinical Supervision to Mental Health Professionals with  Agency Affiliated Counselor or Associate Counselor Licenses (Therapists employed by agencies and Therapists who already have private practices, wanting to work with additional Supervisors).

Fees are $150 for 50 minutes of supervision.

If you have already signed a supervision contract, please book your appointment below. If you are interested in becoming a Supervisee, please use the inquiry form.

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