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Consultation with Makinie

About Consultation:

One of my former supervisors called me the "Asker of Good Questions". I wore that title with pride. To me, it indicated that once I had a good grasp on the long-term idea, I would ask questions that would fill in the blank enough to help my team move forward confidently and cohesively. 

As a Black, Female, Mental Health Professional, who has provided services in the East Coast, South East and Pacific Northwest, I pride myself on being able to conceptualize ideas through multiple intersecting identities and perspectives.


If you are in the early states of program development, or just feeling stuck on an idea for a business plan, I can assist with the following:

  • Selecting the Right Audience for a Program

  • Team-Building

  • Intersectional Considerations

  • Business Plan Conceptualization

  • Marketing Considerations

  • Networking Strategy 

  • Logo design

  • Policy & Practices review

  • Surveys & survey review

  • Focus group questions

For those in the mental health field, if you are wanting consultation on your program I can assist in the following areas:

  • Case Review & Audit

  • Feedback on Current Program

  • Forms development w/Racial Trauma Lens

  • Webinars & Workshops

Consultation Inquiry Form:

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Organizations I have provided consultation services for:

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