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Spiritual Coaching Services:

My ancestors were pleased to see me reach a point where I could begin teaching others what I learned.


In my introduction, I included that I consider myself a Psychospiritual Therapist. Though therapy will not be included as a service in coaching, I hope that it helps you see that I acknowledge that if one is so inclined to incorporate it, working with spirit and spirituality can bring many healing benefits to the mind and body.

It's also important that you know what Spirituality is to me.


Spirit is the essence that inhabits our bodies and animates us, therefore, to me, Spirituality is connecting with Spirit through all of our known senses  (known: Sight, Touch, Taste, Hearing, and Smell) and unknown senses (unknown: Perceptions that cannot be named, but are experienced).


Some call the Spirit that is bigger than/connects all of us by the name of God, Creator, Jah, Source, Yahweh, and Elohim to name a few.

We are all born connected with Spirit. As we become adults, sometimes we get disconnected. Sometimes it's personal and other times it's generational, and in the worst cases--historical (e.g: African Diaspora & Enslavement in the Americas & Caribbean, or Indian Boarding School). Through Spiritual Coaching, you will hopefully be able to learn how to explore that while developing a Spiritual Sense of Self.

While Therapy is limited to Washington State, I am available for Spiritual Coaching internationally, regardless of where you reside. Here is a good reference guide to what you will receive in Coaching vs Therapy:





During Spiritual Coaching, you will receive:

Prompts, Socratic Questions, Thoughtful feedback, Homework & Encouragement as you walk along your journey in the following areas:

  • Spiritual Practice Orientation

  • Development of Self Care Routine w/Spiritual Tools (e.g. music)

  • Introduction to Divination

  • Guided Spiritual Development

  • Developing Spiritual Sense of Self

  • Setting up Shadow Work Process

  • Setting up Family History Exploration Process

To those of you with African Ancestry, if you are wanting to do Ancestral work, helping you establish and maintain that connection with your Ancestors can be incorporated into our work.

Additional services for clients with African Ancestry:

  • Ancestor Veneration

  • Afro-Caribbean Spirituality 

  • References to other Community Spiritual Leaders & Guides


Self-Guided Starters

To those of you with African Ancestry, if you'd like to work on spiritual journey solo, I offer the option of getting oriented to Black spirituality and how it interacts with the mental health system. This manual was developed for mental health professionals to improve treatment outcomes and reduce harm to Black People, but offers insight and tools to begin a spiritual journey:

Makinie Soverall Fortino Book Cover Treating Black Mental Health w Afro-Carib-American Spi

I also offer a manual to help Spiritual Enthusiasts and Wellness and Mental Health Professionals begin to identify signs and symptoms of spiritual awakenings & gifts, and which evidence-based interventions can help grow the connection with Spirit

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