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Speaker & Storyteller

The "Why"

In my work, I am intentional about interrupting and dismantling the racist aspects of the mental health system. Part of that is through making space in  that feels safe for Black people, Indigenous people and People of color, and teaching self-advocacy to help them navigate various systems (healthcare, mental health, social services, etc). Through DMHS Deconstructing the Mental Health System, Inc, we highlight the works of Melanated-led organizations, have a Directory of B.I.PoC Therapists and an extensive resource list. 

The other part of my work is providing culturally relevant trainings to educating mental health & education organizations. I am passionate about those in the helping profession grow a greater sense of self-awareness, and also learn about what their students and clients may be experiencing from a cultural perspective, because that inevitably makes the helping and healing profession more equitable, caring and safer for employees AND clients.

I call myself a Storyteller (instead of a Presenter or Expert), because that is the style of my work, and culturally, it is how information has been passed down for centuries. The way information is provided will feel relatable and personal for your audience, and they will leave your event with greater insight into their students, clients and equally important, themselves. 

I have been fortunate enough to present on the following topics:

  • History of Racism in Mental Health System

  • Racial Trauma, Equitable & Culturally Competent Interventions for Black & Melanated People

  • Workplace Trauma, Vicarious Trauma, Caregiver Fatigue

  • African-Caribbean-American Spirituality

  • Mental Health in our Education System

  • Self Care for Educators & Social Workers

  • Minority Mental Health

  • Initiating Difficult Conversations in the Workplace

Let’s Work Together:

Organizations I have provided webinars, workshops and panels to:


Feedback Received from Attendees:


"Identifying my own biases is an ongoing challenge. Even if we don't like to admit it, we all have biases. I will continue practicing recognizing and addressing them."

"I appreciate the effort and time put into holding an open, caring, supportive, non-judgemental space for this difficult and heavy training!"


"This was a fabulous workshop - please bring her back!"  

"Fantastic presentation! Speaker presented such a wealth and depth of information and helped me to make new ethical, spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental connections within the field, within my community, and within my practice."

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