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"Makinie got me through my divorce, my decision to leave my toxic job, and the death of my dog. I can't imagine how I would have gotten through the last year without her guidance, and I miss her presence in my life more than I was prepared for. Her existing clients are so, so lucky to have her"

"I am doing SO good. I can always come back to me. When we started I was unsure-- it's a 180! I don't have everything figured out, but I feel grounded with myself, which makes me able to be ok with things up in the air. I can handle them!

"Makinie was the best therapist I have worked with in a long time. She was very kind and showed no judgement!"

"Makinie was a great match for me being that I am goal oriented. I felt comfortable and excited to bring my self aware experiences to the next session."

"Makinie valued my feelings and helped me to understand my concerns better. Makinie listened very carefully and helped me to find my own answers."

"Most successful therapy I have ever had! I feel like I walked away with a better understanding of myself and how to cope on my own with different life stressors."

"I had been seeing Makinie since about 2018 and I can definitively say that she has changed my life.  When I started working with her, I was hating myself, in a bad relationship, not appreciating my worth, and relying on unhealthy coping mechanisms .  With Makinie, I have been able to develop coping mechanisms that truly help me better navigate the manic ups and way downs of anxiety and depression.  I am no longer in the toxic relationship and I understand more of the amazing person I am and the importance of protecting access to me.  I'm learning to love myself and that I deserve grace.  My family and friends have noticed the change in me too!  It feels good to be growing into who I am supposed to be and Makinie has played a huge role in my development.  The combination of her innovative approach, genuine warmth , and ability to establish a real connection with her patients is...indescribable.  I am grateful for the impact she has had on my life."

"I can’t thank Makinie enough, seriously. I’ll forever be grateful. Thankful. I’ve honestly grown in nearly every way possible with her support. THANK YOU. "

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