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*NEW BOOK* Spiritual Therapy: Evidence Based and Effective Interventions

Makinie Therapy LLC:

Paperback with workbook pages:


This book is a continuation of the work that was started in Makinie's first Manual Treating Black Mental Health, with an African-American-Caribbean Spiritual Lens. This manual dives deeper and elaborates on the signs and symptoms of Spiritual Awakenings, and provides a list of tools, techniques and interventions that are both Spiritual AND evidence-based.

This manual draws a direct connection between how the two interact, and also have an impact on physical health, and is broken into 3 sections:

1 - Orientation which helps readers understand what spirituality is, African & Indigenous beliefs and practices, Spirituality keywords, signs and symptoms of spiritual gifts, and how to identify when someone is spiritually inclined.

2- Evidence-based Spiritual Interventions that includes health benefits, historical context and the ability to try interventions

3- Bringing it all together, which summarizes spiritual therapy, helps Therapists & Wellness Practitioners develop a sense of authenticity, and helps the reader clearly identify and know when they are experiencing Spiritual Attunement. If you are at the VERY beginning of your journey, or just learning about Black mental health, I highly recommend that you also purchase Treating Black Mental Health, with an African-American-Caribbean Spiritual Lens: l


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