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Therapeutic Approach/Services: Services
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Individual Therapy

You, the whole person

  • Understanding your family, and negative patterns

  • Culturally-sensitive and informed counseling

  • Boundary-Setting

  • Authentic Personal Empowerment

  • Sexual Issues and Empowerment

  • Emotion Regulation

  • Assertiveness Training

  • Introversion

  • Life Transitions

  • Identity Issues

  • Stress Management 

Racial Trauma Counseling

 A relaxed space where you don't have to code switch 

  • Afro-Caribbean Spirituality Lens 

  • Safe space to process the pain of being Melanated

  • Discuss economic and social impact of systemic racism

  • Identifying coping strategies when fatigued from racism

  • Bringing historical context into daily life as Melanated person

Nontraditional Couple's Counseling

 Less cookie cutter, more straightforward

  • Womanist & Feminist perspective

  • Starting with the here & now cycles/interactions

  • Exploring who you both are as individuals and a unit

  • Gaining insight into shared, and different perspectives

  • Learning and practicing healthy boundaries & communication

  • Developing/enhancing values & goals


I will work with you to help you find a way to reduce intensity of pain, anxiety and depression and overcome challenges to communicate in the workplace and with your loved ones.​ Although I can pull from many counseling and family systems methods, I do have go-to methods, all of which are approached through the lenses of Client-Centered Therapy and Racial Trauma.

In order to better understand your roots and immediate influences to thought process, I might use Bowenian Family Therapy, which is a form of Family Therapy that does NOT require the whole family to be present. We can work on improving relationships within your family system and beyond when you're ready to make a change in your life, and want to understand how family interactions and dynamics impacts your current situation. In Systems Theory approaches, we recognize problems are complex, but solutions don't have to be. To address this, I may use Solution Focused  to address that feeling of "stuck-ness" in life. The process of being solution-oriented in this method means making measured and calculated steps to success without digging too deeply into your past. One of the main models I use in most sessions is Adlerian Therapy. Adlerian approach to therapy is to help you identify obstacles and create strategies to work towards goals. Regardless of the methods I use, this approach is in every session.

I also consider myself a Psychospiritual Therapist, meaning that I consider how one may be spiritually processing life events, though I tend to incorporate psychospiritual treatment into counseling by request. 

I believe that healing is a process, and regardless of what we end up working on together, if you keep working on it, you WILL heal!

Therapeutic Approach/Services: Services
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