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However long the night, the dawn will break.
-African Proverb




About Makinie:

Greetings! My name is Makinie and I identify as Black/Afro-Caribbean American. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) who has been working in mental health for a decade. I received my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2013 from Central Connecticut State University, and have worn many hats ranging from in-home counselor to case manager and social worker, in Connecticut, Florida and Washington State. Between 2014-2021, I worked for the State of Washington, most recently as a Therapist and Academic Advisor for a Free Therapy Program I co-created in January of 2020. 

I created my private practice in 2017 out of the need to feel more grounded in holistic counseling as well as my continued dedication to systemic change to our current mental health system.

My private practice was expanded to full time in January of 2022, with focus areas of processing racial trauma, navigating workplace and education institutions as People of the Global Majority, relationship dynamics/equity, spirituality, family life cycles, anxiety, and depression.


 Helping people feel attuned to their inner-most needs, in order to approach their loved ones more open, with compassion, a sense of self-confidence and self-worth is something I'm very passionate about.


 I am also a mental health activist and advocate. I do the work through workshops/webinars, writing and founding the 501(c)(3) Nonprofit DMHS: Deconstructing the Mental Health System. 

Fun fact: Makinie is a Swahili adjective (originally spelled Makini). It translates to a few words including: 





Therapist is not my identity; it is my profession that I thoroughly enjoy. When I'm not in "Therapy Mode", I am more than likely spending time with my family, friends and pets in "Geek Mode", watching anime, sci-fi shows, fantasy shows or superhero movies, reading manga or manhwa, exploring my cultural roots (e.x: African deities, Caribbean foods, etc), getting out in nature, engaging in socio-political advocacy & discourse, or watching really trashy reality/rom-com shows.


Welcome: About Me
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Self-Guided Starters

To those of you with African Ancestry, if you'd like to work on spiritual journey solo, I offer the option of getting oriented to Black spirituality and how it interacts with the mental health system. This manual was developed for mental health professionals to improve treatment outcomes and reduce harm to Black People, but offers insight and tools to begin a spiritual journey:

I also offer a manual to help Spiritual Enthusiasts and Wellness and Mental Health Professionals begin to identify signs and symptoms of spiritual awakenings & gifts, and which evidence-based interventions can help grow the connection with Spirit

Makinie Soverall Fortino Book Cover Treating Black Mental Health w Afro-Carib-American Spi
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