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However long the night, the dawn will break.
-African Proverb


There are various points in life where you might feel anxious, disorganized, frustrated, sadness or confusion, and those are the best times to talk to a a person who is not in your inner-circle, and won't make you feel judged. 

I identify as a Systemic and Psychospiritual Therapist, meaning that when we work together, I’m going to analyze people, places and societal influences, and can also work guide you through spiritual healing (if you would like).

My approach to counseling in is one of collaboration. My goal through working together is to help you understand how your circumstances are shaped by past and present relationships, cultural and inter-generational values.  I will hold space for you with empathetic curiosity.
I specialize in tailoring each session to individual needs and trauma-informed care,  acknowledging that some behaviors and thoughts are guided by events which one might not have been prepared to experience. There are many moments in live and people who influence our thoughts and feelings, and each should be explored carefully.

Sessions with me are compassionate, straightforward, thought-provoking,
and relaxed with just a touch of humor.
I provide support through Video Psychotherapy using evidence-based practices to help you feel more self-aware and hopeful for the next step in life.
As a Black woman in America, I also want to acknowledge the deep and painful roots that many of us share. Although I've been providing Black trauma mental health counseling since 2011, I've recently started using my voice to educate the public and organization I work for on the impact that Systemic Racism has on Black mental health in America.
Video introduction here.


My name is Makinie. I identify as Black and Afro-Caribbean American.
I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) who has been working in mental health for a decade.

I received my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2013 from Central Connecticut State University, and have worn many hats ranging from in-home counselor to case manager and social worker, in Connecticut, Florida and Washington State. Between 2014-2021, I worked for the State of Washington, most recently as a Therapist and Academic Advisor.

I decided to expand this part-time private practice to full time starting 1/2022, serving individuals, and specialize in processing racial trauma, navigating the workplace as Black people, Indigenous people and People of color, relationship dynamics, family life cycles, anxiety, and depression.

In my work, I am intentional about interrupting and dismantling the racist aspects of the mental health system. Part of that is through making space that feels safe for Black people, Indigenous people and People of color, and teaching self-advocacy to help them navigate various systems (healthcare, mental health, social services, etc). The other part of my work is calling out and educating supervisors, requesting re-evaluations based on implicit bias in chart notes, and providing trainings on Afro-Spirituality, Racial Trauma and Caregiver Fatigue.

I created my private practice in 2017 out of the need to feel more grounded in holistic counseling as well as my continued dedication to systemic change to our current mental health system.
I am very passionate about helping people feel attuned to their inner-most needs, in order to approach their loved ones more open, with compassion, a sense of self-confidence and self-worth.